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Our Mission

Give Me Hope, Inc.

A tax exempt nonprofit public benefit corporation organized under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law for charitable purposes.


To provide shelter, healthcare, education, spiritual support and hope to orphaned and other under privileged and at risk children and their extended families in Africa, and to promote the Christian faith by demonstrating the love of Christ through service.

Organizations Currently Supported:

Nipe Tumaini and Hekima Place in Kenya.

Headquarters: Aptos, California

Board of Directors

Christine Evans, Douglas Evans, Virginia Howard, Mary Lou Tzimbal, Carolyn Souther, and David Ambrosini.

History / Narrative:

In February 2012, Christine Evans traveled to Kenya to determine whether she and her husband should relocate there.

Her hope was to be able to help orphaned and other under privileged and at risk children and their extended families through volunteer work and fundraising. She was able to do extensive research by traveling to many of the camps and squatter camps and was drawn to Nipe Tumaini and Hekima Place due to their valiant but seriously under supported efforts to help desperately needy children in Kenya. It became clear that these two organizations would benefit the most by receiving support from outside Kenya and it was evident that it was very difficult for these organizations to get financial aid from within Kenya itself.

The employment opportunities did not meet expectations and she and her husband returned to the U.S.A.

Since her return, Christine has formed Give Me Hope, Inc., and has gathered a team around her to support these organizations. Thanks to the efforts of Virginia Howard the IRS has granted nonprofit, tax exempt status to the corporation and now the U.S. public can make tax deductible charitable donations to Give Me Hope, Inc.

Give Me Hope, Inc. is remarkable due to the fact that donations made to the corporation go directly to the African organizations supported by it, with no deduction for administrative expenses. Organizations supported are vetted, scrutinized closely, and each one has to go through an application process before funds are released to it.

Nipe Tumaini (“Give Me Hope” in Swahili.).

Nipe Tumaini Ministries was founded in September 2009 as a Christian Ministry with the objective of reaching out to orphaned and vulnerable children and their caregivers. The organization is registered in Kenya as a community based organization with the Ministry of Gender and Social Development.

Nipe Tumaini aims not only to provide a home for orphaned and vulnerable children but also parental love, education, protection and livelihood skills for self reliance in a Christian atmosphere. It also aims to educate and encourage the local community to support such children with the passion of Christ.

Nipe Tumaini has acquired land and built its first home for children and, with God’s help, we pray that Nipe Tumaini will be able to raise sufficient funds to add a school building to its campus.

Nipe Tumaini provides a place to be loved for those who have never known love and most of all a place where the children can get to know God in a more personal way. There are currently nine children enrolled at Nipe Tumaini, all of them rescued by the Rotary Club Naivasha Safe House, Naivasha, Kenya.

Hekima Place.

Hekima Place is a home in Kenya for girls orphaned primarily by HIV/AIDSThe name “Hekima” was chosen for its Kiswahili meaning, which is Wisdom. Founded in 2005 by U. S. native Kate Fletcher, the home opened with just 10 girls but has grown to 60 members. The girls are given a loving, faith-based home with nutritious meals, health care, and, very importantly, an education to enable them to succeed on their own once their schooling is completed. At Hekima Place, each girl lives with a loving Kenyan staff member called a "mum" – growing within a faith-based "family" with "sisters" (other orphaned girls) as companions and workmates.
The home is located in Kiserian, Kenya just outside Nairobi, on property purchased by the U. S. Board of Directors in July 2009.  Construction of the new permanent home for the girls at this site was completed in December 2010. Approximately 20 km south and west of Karen, Kenya (Hekima Place's original location), the new home is in the southern Rift Valley Province and has six cottages and a dining hall along with a significant amount of land for gardening. 


James 1:27
Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.


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